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    100Hou, H.A. #, Kuo, Y.Y. #, Lee, M.C., Tang, J.L., Chen, C.Y., Liu, C.Y., Chou, W.C., Huang, C.F., Lee, F.Y., Liu, M.C.,Yao, M., Tien, H.F. ,2011,Distinct association between aberrant methylation of Wnt inhibitors and genetic alterations in acute myeloid leukemia. ,Br J Cancer. ,105,12,pp1927-1933 (SCI)Yuan-Yeh Kuo
    100Habel LA, Cooper WO, Sox CM, Chan KA, Fireman BH, Arbogast PG, Cheetham TC, Quinn VP, Dublin A, Boudreau DM, Andrade SE, Pawloski PA, Raebel MA, Smith DH, Achacoso N, Uratsu C, Go AS, Sidney S, Nguyen-Huynh MN, Ray WA, Selby JV.,2011,ADHD medications and risk of serious cardiovascular events in young and middle-aged adults., JAMA,3069,24,pp2673-2683 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    100Cooper WO, Habel LA, Sox CM, Chan KA, Arbogast PG, Cheetham TC, Murray KT, Quinn VP, Stein CM, Todd Callahan T, Fireman BH, Fish FA, Kirshner HS, O'Duffy A, Connell FA, Ray WA. ,2011,ADHD drugs and serious cardiovascular events in children and young adults. ,New England Journal of Medicine,365,pp1896-1904 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    100Ascioglu S, Leblebicioglu H, Vahaboglu H, Chan KA.,2011,Ribavirin for patients with Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever: a systematic review and meta-analysis. ,Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy,66,6,pp1215-1222 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    99Wang JL, Chang CH, Young-Xu Y, Chan KA. ,2010,Systematic review and meta-analysis of the tolerability and hepatotoxicity of antifungals in empirical and definitive therapy for invasive fungal infection.,Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy,54,6,pp2409-2419 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    99Lin ND, Kleinman K, Chan KA, Soumerai S, Mehta J, Mullooly JP, Shay DK, Kolczak M, Lieu TA and for the Vaccine Safety Datalink Team. ,2010,Multiple vaccinations and the risk of medically attended fever.,Vaccine,28,25,pp4169-4174 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    98Flick ED, Habel LA, Chan KA, Haque R, Quinn VP, Van Den Eeden SK, Sternfeld B, Orav EJ, Seeger JD, Quesenberry CP Jr, Caan BJ. ,2009,Statin use and risk of colorectal cancer in a cohort of middle-aged men in the US: a prospective cohort study. , Drugs,69,11,pp1445-1457 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    98Brown JS, Moore KM, Braun MM, Ziyadeh N, Chan KA, Lee GM, Kulldorff M, Walker AM, Platt R. ,2009,Active influenza vaccine safety surveillance: potential within a healthcare claims environment. ,Medical Care,47,12,pp1251-1257 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    98Briesacher BA, Andrade SE, Fouayzi H, Chan KA. ,2009,Medication adherence and use of generic drug therapies.,American Journal of Managed Care,15,7,pp450-456 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan
    98Chang CH, Yang SH, Hsieh BS, Chan KA. ,2009,Evidence-based consensus development and reduction of rate of endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy: a national study.,Dermatologic Surgery ,35,12,pp1970-1977 (SCI)Kinwei Arnold Chan