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Journal paper
Entry Year101
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)DNMT3A mutations in acute myeloid leukemia: stability during disease evolution and clinical implications.
Name of journalBlood.
Date of publication2012-00-00
number of chapters119
Issue No.2
Total number of pages10
Name of author (Chinese)Yuan-Yeh Kuo
Name of author (English)Yuan-Yeh Kuo
AuthorsHou, H.A.#, Kuo, Y.Y.#, Liu, C.Y., Chou, W.C., Lee, M.C., Chen, C.Y., Lin, L.I., Tseng, M.H., Huang, C.F., Chiang, Y.C., Lee, F.Y., Liu, M.C., Liu, C.W., Tang, J.L., Yao, M., Huang, S.Y., Ko, B.S., Hsu, S.C., Wu, S.J., Tsay, W., Chen, Y.C., Tien, H.F.
Number of authors21
Author's typeFirst Author / Other
Language usedEnglish