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Journal paper
Entry Year101
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)The clinical implication of SRSF2 mutation in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome and its stability during disease evolution.
Name of journalBlood.
Date of publication2012-00-00
number of chapters120
Total number of pages6
Name of author (Chinese)Yuan-Yeh Kuo
Name of author (English)Yuan-Yeh Kuo
Authors1. Wu, S.J., Kuo, Y.Y.*, Hou, H.A., Li, L.Y., Tseng, M.H., Huang, C.F., Lee, F.Y., Liu, M.C., Liu, C.W., Lin, C.T., Chen, C.Y., Chou, W.C., Yao, M., Huang, S.Y., Ko, B.S., Tang, J.L., Tsay, W., and Tien, H.F.*
Number of authors14
Author's typeCorresponding Author
Language usedEnglish