Academic Performance

CatergoryYearName of awardAward winner Awarding unit
Outside School Honor2012Distinguished Research AwardChih-Hsin YangNational Taiwan University Hospital
Inside School Honor2011Best Teacher AwardAnn-Lii ChengNational Taiwan University
Outside School Honor2011Chien-Tien Hsu Outstanding Research AwardChiun HsuThe Chinese Oncology Society, Taiwan
Outside School Honor2011FAOBMB Award for Research Excellence Cheng-Wen WuFAOBMB
Outside School Honor2011Presidential Science Prize Cheng-Wen WuOffice of the President R.O.C.(Taiwan)
Outside School Honor2010Honorary Chair Professor, Graduate Institute of Basic MedicineCheng-Wen WuFu Jen Catholic University
Outside School Honor2010Outstanding Research AwardAnn-Lii ChengNational Science Council
Outside School Honor2010Honorary Director, Institute of Life Sciences National Defense Medical CenterCheng-Wen WuNational Defense Medical Center
Outside School Honor2010Honorary Founding President, Fujian Cross- Strait Institute of BioscienceCheng-Wen WuCross- Strait Institute of Bioscience
Outside School Honor2010K.T. Li Chair Professor Award Cheng-Wen WuNational Cheng Kung University
Outside School Honor2010Mu-Shan Biomedical Distinguished Chair Professor AwardCheng-Wen WuTaipei Medical University
Outside School Honor2010Academic AwardAnn-Lii ChengMinistry of Education
Outside School Honor2010 Wen-Fang Cheng 
Inside School Honor2010Best Teacher AwardAnn-Lii ChengNational Taiwan University
Outside School Honor2010The Award of Outstanding Cancer ResearchSung-Hsin KuoThe Chinese Oncology Society
Outside School Honor2009TWAS Regional Prize for Building Scientific InstitutionsCheng-Wen WuTWAS
Outside School Honor2009Honorary Professor , National Cheng Kung University Cheng-Wen WuNational Cheng Kung University
Outside School Honor2009Sun Yun-suan Chair Professor, National Tsing-Hua University Cheng-Wen WuNational Tsing-Hua University
Inside School Honor2009Outstanding Research AchievementsSung-Hsin KuoNational Taiwan University, College of Medicine
Inside School Honor2009Distinguished Research Chair Professor Cheng-Wen WuNational Taiwan University