Academic Performance

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CatergoryYearName of awardAward winner Awarding unit
Outside School Honor1972NIH Special FellowshipCheng-Wen WuNIH
Outside School Honor1972NIH Career Development AwardCheng-Wen WuNIH
Outside School Honor1969Sigma Xi AwardCheng-Wen Wu 
Outside School Honor106Young researcher innovation awardFoundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
Inside School Honor106 Chih-Hung Hsu 
Inside School Honor105 Chih-Hung Hsu 
Outside School Honor10514th Y. Z. Hsu Scientific Paper AwardFar Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation
Inside School Honor104 Chih-Hung Hsu 
Outside School Honor102Academic Publication Award for Postdoctoral FellowMinistry of Science and Technology
Inside School Honor100Distinguished Research AwardWen-Chien ChouNational Taiwan University Hospital
Inside School Honor98Best Resident of National Taiwan University HospitalChia-Chi (Josh) LinDr. Ho-Hue Lin’s Memorial Foundation
Outside School Honor98Technology Research ScholarshipCTCI Foundation
Inside School Honor98Ching-Hsin Medical Award Wen-Chien ChouNational Taiwan University College of Medicine
Inside School Honor97Best Resident of Internal MedicineChia-Chi (Josh) LinDepartment of Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital